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Civil Lawsuit Lawyers & Trial Defense Services

Many civil lawsuits involve contracts or other documents that are at the center of an argument. Your personal legal plan allows you to submit any documents (up to 15 pages) each to your lawyer. They will review the documents and provide specific feedback to help guide your response. Document review is another invaluable part of your legal plan designed to prevent you from being sued.   

In the unfortunate situation that you or your spouse find themselves as a named defendant in a covered civil lawsuit, don’t stress. Your legal plan includes trial defense services. Each year you are a member of Legalshield, you earn additional lawyer time for pre-trial research and for actual defense at trial. 

See the next section for more detail on the trial defense benefit and optional supplement.

Civil Lawsuit Lawyers & Trial Defense Services

Need help defending yourself from a civil lawsuit? Get legal advice and trial defense services from LegalShield's civil lawsuit lawyers.

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