Courts and court services || Criminal attorney

Courts and court services

Ontario court locations and court structure

Types of court matters

Criminal law in Ontario

Information for accused persons, witnesses, victims, sureties and people seeking peace bonds and private prosecutions.

Family law services

Information on divorce, separation, child and spousal support, division of property, restraining orders, child protection, adoption and family mediation.

Provincial offences

Information on cases prosecuted in municipally operated Provincial Offences courts, including provincial regulatory offences, municipal bylaw infractions and federal contraventions.

Jury duty

Understand the jury duty process and what to do if you’re selected.

Civil law information and resources

Information on civil lawsuits, Small Claims Court cases, estates (probate), bankruptcy, judicial review, statutory appeals and civil enforcement.

Court accessibility

Get a court interpreter

How to get a court interpreter if you don’t understand or speak the language of the court.

Court-related documents

Public access to courts and court documents

Publication bans

Learn about different types of publication bans and why they are necessary.

Daily court lists

Access daily court lists for the Superior Court of Justice and Ontario Court of Justice.

Legal assistance

Court fees

Sheriff’s fees

Review the fees for enforcement services by the Superior Court of Justice Enforcement Office.

Kilometre allowances

Read about the kilometre allowance that applies in certain situations, including some Sheriff and bailiff services.

Have your fees waived

Find out if you qualify to have your court fees waived and learn how to request a fee waiver.

Become a court-related service provider

Provincial offences

Acts and regulations

Court Services Division annual reports

Read the annual reports prepared by the Ministry of the Attorney General division that administers courts in Ontario.

Provide feedback or submit a complaint

Ontario is committed to providing a modern and professional court system that supports accessible, fair, timely and effective justice services.

You can provide feedback:

  • by calling
  • in writing
  • email

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Contact us

If you have a question about a particular court proceeding, please contact the court office where the proceeding is being heard.

If you have a question about using an online court service platform (such as Justice Services Online or CaseLines), follow the Contact instructions on that platform.

For general comments and questions about court services, contact us.

Note: The content on this website is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to be legal advice. The Ministry of the Attorney General cannot provide legal advice to private individuals. If you have legal questions or require advice about a specific legal issue, please contact a lawyer or paralegal.

Courts and court services

Ontario manages more than 150 court locations across the province. Learn about going to court and the resources available throughout the process.

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