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Revolutionize the way you approach practicing law

CrimeTime is software designed for California law professionals. Calculate incarceration, fines, and collateral consequences in seconds. Print reports that explain the exposure and consequences of a course of action. Play “What if?” to evaluate alternatives. With 3,500+ crimes and allegations programmed in the system, detailed information and reports are a mouse-click away.

Order CrimeTime today to see how life for the criminal law practitioner just got better, much better.

Authority is one click away

Having the answer is great. Knowing why, and being able to assure accuracy is even better. The authority for the information contained on the screens is a simple mouse click away.

In most cases just the relevant wording in the statute or case law is displayed –so you get right to the substance of the law you need.

Play “What If?”

You select Low, Middle or Upper Terms, Replace and Dismiss Charges and Run Charges Concurrent or Consecutive.


CrimeTime has been widely used since its release in 1996. The software has enjoyed daily use by thousands of users every day.


  • 3,500+ Crimes, Enhancements & Allegations
  • Felony Determinate Term Exposure
  • Indeterminate Term Exposure
  • Earliest Parole Date
  • 3 Strikes Calculations
  • 1 Strike (Sex Offense) Calculations
  • Present Strike Alert
  • Probation Eligibility (Charged & Uncharged)
  • Release Date Calculation
  • Age at Release
  • Pre-sentence Custody Credit Calculation
  • Jail Conduct & Prison Work Credit
  • Driver’s License Suspension & Revocation
  • Sex, Arson & Gang Registration
  • Misdemeanor Minimum & Maximum Term
  • Collateral Consequence Listing

Generate reports instantly

Information is your most valuable tool in the courtroom. CrimeTime gives it to you, quickly and accurately.


“I could not live without CrimeTime. It saves me SO MUCH time.”

Joseph F. “Bud” Landreth
Defense Attorney, Salinas, CA

“Without a doubt this is an excellent product. So fast, so easy, so complete, and so necessary.”

Michael Zimbert
Attorney at Law, Sherman Oaks, CA

“A criminal defense attorney or D.A. for that matter without CrimeTime available to them would be like navigating through the Alps in a Sopwith Camel blind folded.”

Antonio J. Bestard
Pomona, CA


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