Helping You Appeal Your Serious Federal Criminal Conviction Or Sentence

Our respected Texas trial attorneys are led by founding attorney Timothy Rose.

The Law Offices of Tim Rose Law will fight to protect your rights and work to get your conviction reversed or your sentence reduced, or to obtain a new trial for you.

Any final judgment can be appealed. Whether your case was tried in court or you plead guilty, we can help you appeal your conviction or sentence involving (but not limited to):
⦁ Drug crimes
⦁ Weapons charges
⦁ Health care fraud
⦁ Money laundering
⦁ Other white-collar crimes
⦁ Murder
⦁ Felony and possession
⦁ Violent crimes
⦁ Immigration fraud

When you consult with our firm, federal criminal appeal attorneys Tim Rose Law will meet with you during confidential consultations to learn about your circumstances and will begin thoroughly examining your case.

If your case was tried, we will look at what evidence your conviction was based on, and if your case was resolved by plea we will look at which objections and arguments were made at sentencing to determine likely grounds for your successful appeal. We will also review the sentencing guidelines and additional considerations in your case.

Don’t Let Your Federal Criminal Conviction Claim Your Freedom

Our federal criminal appeals lawyers are fully prepared to help you aggressively appeal your conviction or sentence and minimize your legal consequences.

Please contact Tim Rose Law at (936) 333-5070 when you need experienced and reliable legal assistance with a federal criminal appeal.