Daniel Williams || Criminal attorney

Daniel Williams

In April 2010, Dan was hired as a full time Assistant Prosecuting Attorney and was immediately assigned to the Felony Trials division. From April of 2010 until May of 2011, Dan was a Court Room trial prosecutor, handling a felony docket for an assigned judge. Court room prosecutors not only tried felony jury and bench trial, but also handled evidentiary motions, and constitutional challenges which resulted hearings before the Court.

Dan handled the dockets of five different judges during that time, and after a year, he was moved into the Elder Abuse Unit of the Special Victim’s Unit. Dan was in the Elder Abuse Unit from 2011 until March of 2015. As an Elder Abuse Prosecutor, Dan was responsible for vertically prosecuting, from warrant to conclusion, serious felony matters with victims or witnesses who were 65 years and older, who adults who were considered vulnerable persons by State law. Dan prosecuted murders, home invasions, robberies, rapes, carjackings, vulnerable adult abuse and nursing home abuse, but also financial crimes committed by persons taking advantage of seniors.

During his four years, Dan handled numerous media cases, including several high-profile homicides. He also conducted over 100 jury trials during his five years in the trials division and the Elder Abuse Unit. Dan conducted trials with multiple juries, multiple defendants, insanity defense cases, and even worked on an appellate matter related to peace bonds, and the First Amendment right to protest.

Daniel Williams

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