DUI Defense Attorneys in Utah || DWI attorney

DUI Defense Attorneys in Utah

Attorney Jason Schatz says:

“My partner, Steve Anderson, and I started our firm over ten years ago. I would say during the past ten years, I’ve had approximately 150 DUI cases a year. In total, I’ve handled over 1,500 DUI cases. Steve has probably represented about 75 a year, so there’s another 750 cases. Plus we have three other attorneys, so between the five of us, we’ve done well over 2,000 DUI cases. Add to that our advanced field sobriety and roadside detection training. Now that is a lot of experience and knowledge in one firm!”

Give us a call at 801-746-0447 to see how a Board Certified DUI Lawyer in Utah can help you. Salt Lake DUI Attorney Jason Schatz and his team know all about the DUI Utah laws of drunk driving in Utah and will aggressively represent you. We will ensure you have the strongest defense possible. Use the related links on this page to read more about the penalties and process for fighting DUI charges in Utah, as well as other criminal charges involving alcohol or drugs.

DUI Defense Attorneys in Utah

Schatz Anderson & Associates' experienced DUI attorneys in Utah can help with your defense. Learn how we can help you today and minimize DUI penalties.

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