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Get Help from an Attorney in Atlanta, Georgia

The bustling hub of Atlanta sees thousands of personal injuries every year. The vast majority of these incidents are preventable. They happen because one or more parties were negligent, reckless, careless, or criminal. At Cruz & Associates of Atlanta, we are committed to bringing these parties to justice. We take action on behalf of injured parties and their families. Whether you or a loved one suffered injuries in a vehicle collision, construction accident, criminal attack, or other circumstance, get in touch with our Atlanta team to discuss the possibility of compensation.

Cruz & Associates offers free case evaluations, no up-front costs, 24/7 communication, and home or hospital visits. We care about our clients, and we won’t convince you to pursue a claim if it isn’t in your best interest. Call us today at our Atlanta office at (404) 444-1111.

Personal Injury Lawyers in Phoenix, Arizona

Cruz & Associates is committed to assisting people who have suffered injuries, property damage, deaths of loved ones, and other harms in Phoenix. Our Phoenix team has seen firsthand how life-changing a bad accident can be. Our local law firm has experience going up against major insurance companies and other powerful entities in pursuit of just and fair recovery.

We’ve represented clients with injuries from car accidents, slip and falls, medical malpractice, dog bites, workplace accidents, defective product incidents, and more. People trust our attorneys with their cases, no matter how big or small, because we offer real results. We listen to our clients’ goals, work closely with them throughout the claims process, and achieve outstanding results. Find out for yourself – contact our Phoenix office at (602) 777-6666 for a free consultation.


What you do after an accident or workplace injury can decide your future. When you need legal help, contact the experienced attorneys at Cruz & Associates.

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