Lawyers for Drug Defense Cases

Whether you or someone you know is addicted to drugs or has been charged with a drug crime? If you are facing drug charges in Texas, you should consult with an experienced Drug Defense Attorney.

We see a wide range of drug crimes, each with its own set of penalties. Minor possession charges usually carry light punishments, whereas major trafficking charges can result in decades in prison. Federal drug charges carry mandatory minimum sentences with no chance of parole for the defendant.

Be Aware of Your Rights in Texas

Because the severity of drug sentences varies greatly by location, it’s critical that your criminal defense attorney is familiar with the local criminal courts. Some courts have drug diversion programs that allow first-time offenders to get treatment instead of going to jail or prison. Your drug defense lawyer, who is familiar with Texas drug laws and can assist you in preparing a defense based on the facts of your case.

Now is the time to seek the help of an experienced drug defense lawyer

Because a drug charge can have a significant impact on your professional, educational, and even family life, you should speak with a bar-certified attorney as soon as possible. To ensure your future is secure, speak with a knowledgeable Texas Drug Defense Lawyer today. 

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