Online Small Business Legal Services & Pricing || Criminal attorney

Online Small Business Legal Services & Pricing

  • Hiring/firing
  • Small claims
  • Equipment leases
  • Incorporation
  • Bankruptcy
  • Joint ventures
  • Landlord/tenant disputes
  • Bad check recovery
  • Customer complaints
  • Vendor issues
  • Creditor harassment
  • Identity theft
  • Government complianc
  • Verbal contracts
  • City zoning
  • Workers’ compensation


Designated Consultation For out-of-state legal matters and specific areas of law, your business is entitled to three 30-minute phone consultations per year with an experienced lawyer at your Provider Law Firm. Further services required beyond the telephone consultations will be provided at a discount of 10%-25% from the provider lawyert’s standard hourly corporate rate.

  • International Law
  • Tax
  • Copyright
  • Patent
  • Trademark
  • Securities
  • Intellectual Property
  • Antitrust
  • Immigration
  • Non-domestic Legal Issues in Canada

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Save money by paying flat rates for certain legal services that could cost more by paying hourly rates.

Trademark and Copyright Services: As a Member, you may receive a copyright or trademark filing in the United States once per year. Filing fees, search fees, opinion letters, or other expenses will be paid by the Member. Additional copyright or trademark filings can be provided at a flat rate of $500 each.

Employee Handbook Services: As a Member, you may receive an attorney prepared basic Employee Handbook which is customized to applicable state laws in the state of the principal place of business for a flat fee of $500-$750 once per year based on the Small Business Legal Plan selected.

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Online Small Business Legal Services & Pricing

LegalShield Small Business Legal Plans give you access to small business attorneys online. Start your plan today!

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