Personal Injury Lawyers Southern California, Winning Car Accident Attorneys at | DUI attorney

Personal Injury Lawyers Southern California, Winning Car Accident Attorneys at

At OPO, our mission is to keep you informed. It’s only natural during this time that you will have a lot of questions. An accident can pose a lot of uncertainty, not to mention the complexity of the personal injury claim process itself. Here, we’ve responded to the most common questions we’ve been asked.

Q: I’ve suffered an injury in a motor vehicle accident. How do I know if I have a case?
A: Once the initial shock of your accident subsides, you’re left to deal with the traumatic effects of not only your injuries but also the damages incurred. For some accident victims, the aftermath includes a loss of mobility and inability to work, while for others, the loss is more profound such as the death of a loved one. Several factors go into determining if you have a legitimate case. A free consultation with one of our experienced accident attorneys can help you determine if the circumstances surrounding your accident are grounds for a valid claim.

Q: Can I just file a claim with my insurance company. Why do I need a personal injury attorney?
A: Having a legal team on your side ensures your rights are protected. Many accident victims make the mistake of trying to pursue injury claims on their own and put themselves at a disadvantage. Without the appropriate legal knowledge or understanding of your rights, insurance companies can easily manipulate you into accepting a lower settlement offer or pressure you into doing or saying something that can hurt your case. When you hire OPO, we believe your time is better spent focusing on the recovery of you or your loved ones. From handling all the tedious paperwork to negotiating with insurance companies on your behalf, we manage all legal aspects of your case so you receive a fair settlement.

Q: How does an accident attorney help me with my case?
A: Winning a personal injury accident case isn’t a solo act. It often requires the assistance of a team of experts, particularly for more complicated accidents. As part of our investigative process, we collect various pieces of evidence to support your claim, including police accident reports, statements from eyewitnesses, medical records, engineering expert analysis, and even accident scene reconstruction.

Q: What kind of settlement can I expect for my injury?
A: While there’s no definitive answer for the compensation you’ll receive from your accident claim, the amount you receive depends upon various elements such as the severity of your injuries, damages sustained, and supporting evidence. The best way to gain insight into your settlement amount is to schedule a consultation with an OPO accident attorney. Call us today at (800) 676-5295 to schedule an appointment.

Personal Injury Lawyers Southern California, Winning Car Accident Attorneys at

OPO has more than 40 years of experience handling various complex personal injury accident cases in Southern California and has filed, settled, or tried cases to jury verdict in excess of $1 Billion in compensation.

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