Smith & Eulo Law Firm: Criminal Defense Lawyers || Criminal defense attorney

Smith & Eulo Law Firm: Criminal Defense Lawyers

A criminal defense lawyer is an advocate for their clients inside of a criminal courtroom. This involves negotiating with the prosecutor, filing motions, and taking cases to trial. The rules of criminal procedure are complicated, and require an extensive legal understanding of the applicable statutes and case law. A criminal defense lawyer analyzes the discovery in every case, making preliminary determinations of fact, and how the applicable law applies to the facts of your case. This will allow the attorney to file the appropriate motion in your case (e.g. Motion to Dismiss, Motion to Suppress, etc.). Ultimately, if a case is not resolved with a plea or a dismissal, a criminal defense lawyer will take your case to trial. This involves the attorney doing jury selection, opening statements, closing arguments, cross examination of witnesses, etc.

Smith & Eulo Law Firm: Criminal Defense Lawyers

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