Texas’s Top 4 Domestic Violence Lawyers

On this page, you will find Texas’s Top 4 Domestic Violence Lawyers. Our professional team at Rose Rideauxx Texas Trial Attorneys represents victims of domestic violence and/or defends the rights of individuals accused of domestic abuse or other related offenses in all facets of abuse and domestic violence cases. Contact our legal office and feel the of ease discussing your domestic abuse case with our professional team of attorneys. Our team members include Timothy Rose, Lauren “Ren” Rideauxx, Kate Hatley, Anna Eady.



Ensuring the protection of the victims


Spousal abuse, familial abuse, and dating abuse are all examples of domestic violence. Emotional and physical abuse are also fall under the examples of domestic violence.

Rose Rideauxx Trial Defense Attorneys domestic violence lawyers can help you obtain a restraining order that will prevent your abuser from contacting you. They will also assist you in understanding your legal choices and give insight into how domestic abuse concerns might impact child custody and support.


Defending the accused person

If you are charged with domestic violence in Texas, you must immediately retain the services of a criminal defense attorney who is familiar with the state’s domestic violence statutes. In addition to the possibility of jail time, failing to handle these charges swiftly might have long-term consequences.


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How to make sure that you chose the right domestic violence lawyer to deal with your case

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