Timothy D. Rose and Lauren Rideauxx are two of Texas’ most prominent federal criminal defense lawyers. In the areas including federal trials, appeals, and post-conviction early release requests, we have a lengthy track record of success.

Throughout Texas, we have successfully represented clients in serious federal criminal cases. Our office is in The Woodlands, Texas, and we travel to other federal courts on a regular basis to represent people in serious federal criminal cases.

Our reputation is built on successfully defending individuals accused of serious crimes in federal court. In federal courts across Texas, we have successfully resolved federal criminal cases. Elective officials, senior business executives, professional athletes, and people from all walks of life have all been represented by us. Regardless of our clients’ backgrounds or the type of federal charges they are facing, we provide the same level of personal attention and commitment to everyone we represent. And we don’t stop until we’ve completed everything necessary to ensure the best possible outcome.


Are there any differences between federal and state criminal cases? Yes, in a variety of ways

Federal investigations and prosecutions differ significantly from identical criminal instances in state courts, so they are dealt with in somewhat a different manner. To begin with, federal law enforcement agencies are typically well-funded and staffed by the most experienced agents and investigators. Federal prosecutors who conduct federal criminal trials and sentencing hearings are typically very experienced and have access to virtually unlimited resources. Federal judges have lifetime appointments, and their dockets are generally less crowded than those of most state court judges, who deal with a wide range of criminal offenses.

Furthermore, federal violations usually carry higher punishments than state ones, especially in the areas of drug trafficking and seditions. In cases involving child pornography and other sexual offenses prosecuted in federal court, the penalties are also more severe. Surprisingly, white-collar cases rarely result in a harsher sentence than if the same offense were prosecuted in state court. The obligatory lowest penalties and federal sentencing guidelines, on the other hand, typically result in very long sentences for people convicted of federal crimes. That is one of the main reasons why, if the case is being prosecuted by the federal government, it is critical to retain federal lawyers with a track record of success in federal court.


Hundreds of verdicts and pretrial dismissals have been obtained by our federal criminal defense attorney

Anyone charged with a federal crime should retain an experienced federal criminal lawyer due to the severity and complexity of federal criminal investigations and prosecutions. In addition to assisting people facing serious federal charges by reviewing their case and providing a “second opinion” about the strength of the government’s evidence or the viability of certain defenses before they plead guilty or decide to go to trial, our defense lawyers have also assisted people facing serious federal charges by reviewing their case and providing a “second opinion” about the strength of the government’s evidence or the viability of certain defenses before they plead guilty or decide to go to trial.

Timothy D. Rose and Lauren Rideauxx can help the lawyer who is currently representing the client or take over the case entirely if it is in the client’s best interests. We also assist clients in appealing wrongful convictions in federal court, in addition to our successful trial practice.

Contact our firm to discuss your case in complete confidence if you require a federal criminal defense attorney with a track record of success. We have numerous successful results in recent times, better records, and stronger commitments for pursuing justice for people in need in federal courts.


We’ve also assisted a number of people in obtaining early release from federal prison

Recently, we’ve had a lot of success assisting people in obtaining early release from federal prison. Recent changes in federal law and Justice Department policies have enabled us to pursue “compassionate release” for federal Bureau of Prisons inmates serving long sentences. Our motions address not only the need for early release due to health concerns but also the unfairness of previous sentences.

Read more about our success in compassionate release motions to learn more about how we might be able to get someone released from federal prison.


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