The Top 10 Criminal Defense Lawyers in the United States

There are outstanding criminal defense lawyers throughout the USA. The actual problem is figuring out where they are. While references might help you find one, understanding who is referring is also important. To put it another way, recommendations are not always sufficient. As a result, an American magazine, has chosen to provide a hand by highlighting the top criminal defense lawyers in the United States who can assist you at any moment.

Wally Tetlow

Past 11 years of service to the state of Alaska, this criminal defense lawyer has assisted thousands of people who have been charged with a felony or two. He has had tremendous success and won the respect of his peers and judges since deciding to write criminal legislationWally Tetlow is a graduate of Western California’s law school. In the area of criminal defense lawyers, he is recognized as the top lawyer.

Janet L. Altschuler

Her background as a former prosecutor and Air Force officer has aided her much in dealing with diverse clients in various positions in criminal matters. From drug cases to domestic violence to all other types of criminal cases, her clients nearly idolize her since she likes to complete her objective without wasting any time. Clients have expressed their delight in working with this woman who enjoys fighting to the last finish.

John P. Thygerson

He has helped a lot of clients with a range of criminal accusations, from DUI to violent felonies, and from juvenile offenses to narcotics cases. All his clients have expressed their admiration for his courtroom skills. He knows how to assess his opponents and devise methods to assist him to win his case honestly and squarely.

Richard Jensen

Mr. Jensen has devoted most of his legal career to prosecuting criminal matters in the United States. In and around the state of Alabama, he is recognized for managing appeals, trials, and post-conviction difficulties. His customers rave about the way he analyzes, strategizes, and is dedicated to seeing justice always done. He is regarded as one of the greatest criminal defense lawyers in the United States.

Jay Tiftickjian

Tiftickjian appears to have devoted much of his business to cases involving DUI accusations. Clients constantly compliment him on his enthusiasm for the task, his attention to detail, and his legal knowledge. Many of his clients have gone on to praise his intelligence and unique courtroom experience after benefiting from his dismissals, not-guilty verdicts, and other favors.

Patrick J. Collins

In case you are looking for a renowned criminal lawyer in Delaware, go no further than Patrick J. Collins. Patrick has operated with any type of customer. He is particularly skilled in criminal matters including expungements, pardon petitions, and appeals. Clients have always praised his excellent courtroom abilities and the time he spends getting his clients ready for every court proceeding.

Antonio G. Jimenez

Antonio G. Jimenez, being one of the top criminal defense lawyers in the area, is a legal specialist who is always willing to respond to his clients’ needs. Much of his strength comes from how meticulous and thorough he is while preparing his case with his clients. In the courtroom, he has been described as a highly forceful individual who uses whatever legal tools, he has at his disposal to win cases.

Keith B. Johnson

Keith B. Johnson appears to be well-known in federal and state courts in South Carolina and Georgia. He has defended many people facing criminal accusations in various capacities. He has been regarded as bright, caring, eloquent, honorable, and trustworthy by previous clients.

Timothy Bilecki

He has opted to pursue a career as a criminal defense attorney, specializing in cases involving military personnel around the Pacific Rim. This attorney’s remarkable success was due to his perseverance and thoroughness. His ability to persevere has helped him win several cases.

Debra J. Reece

Debra had grown tired of standing on the sidelines while police officers handled criminal cases with a prominent level of ineptitude. Her evaluations highlight how laid-back she is with her clientele. Debra J. Reece is a person who is courteous and trustworthy. When she interacts with her clients, she also enjoys being extremely transparent. She enjoys attaining her goals with a passionate and forceful attitude.

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