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Communication, respect, and availability is the bedrock of our practice. We do not keep our clients in the dark and we are actually available to our clients when we are not in court. If there is a legal issue to discuss, you will hear from an attorney, not an assistant or through an email. When facing complex legal issues, you need to have a top-rated attorney on your side. Our clients come from all walks of life, and face all kinds legal situations. We do not back down, and we attack every issue our clients have as if we are preparing to battle it out in trial from day one. We do not roll over for anyone.

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Tips To Find & Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer For | Tips To Find & Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer For A Car Accident {‘display’); let display = window.getComputedStyle(target).display; if (display === ‘none’) display = ‘block’; = display; let height = target.offsetHeight; = ‘hidden’; = 0; = 0;…

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When Can an Arizona Police Officer Pull You Over? || DWI attorney

When Can an Arizona Police Officer Pull You Over? Posted on March 23, 2023 in DUI In Arizona, a police officer cannot typically pull someone over without due cause. The law requires police officers to have a valid reason to stop drivers, such as a violated traffic law. This prevents law enforcement from conducting stops…

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DUI & Crime Attorneys || Criminal defense attorney

DUI & Crime Attorneys Free Private Consultations602-225-2222Hire an experienced aggressive Attorney today!We Provide Services forVarious Criminal Charges.The Oswalt Law Group are experienced criminal defense attorneys located in Phoenix, Arizona. We offer a free consultation on all criminal charges. Oswalt attorneys have gained the reputation of serving clients exclusively with a hands-on approach and solving a…

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